Benefits of Business Partnerships

Benefits of Business Partnerships

Business- the foundation of organizational success in today’s world. All economic activities in the country revolve around the functioning of business operations. There are different types of business modules existing in society. The primary among them is sole proprietorship business, limited liability partnership business, and joint venture enterprises. In all these forms of the business module, apart from a sole proprietorship, there is more than one entrepreneur engaged in the business process. However, the one that has become the most popular is the partnership form of business. There are generally two broad subdivisions in the partnership business- strategic partnership and informal or unstructured partnership. In a strategic partnership, the partnership entities devise strategies and policies to collaborate their business with another successful business model. This collaboration can take place in the form of mergers and acquisitions. 

On the other hand, an informal business relationship develops between two or more friends or colleagues. For example- a group of friends decides on starting a restaurant by pooling all their financial resources together. Such a business module is known as an informal business partnership. Following are some of the benefits of business partnerships-

Creation of Availability of New Customers

As you pool your resources together, the scale of operation becomes bigger. Moreover, the scale of operation increases, the activities in the business environment expand. As the business increases in size, the business entity can attract a larger number of consumers. For example- you have a set of business clients. When you merge your business with another business entity your client base increases. Therefore you become capable of accessing a larger clientele base. 

Opportunity to Avail the Facilities of Uncharted Markets

With strategic partnerships, you get the opportunity to innovate and sail through the uncharted course. You get the opportunity to venture into newer market structures and understand the advantages and disadvantages existing in yours as well as the markets of your strategic partners. For example- you own a business entity that specializes in producing FMCG products. The business entity with which you have merged is into the chemical processing industry. Therefore once you merge your business you will be able to access the nuances associated with the functioning of the chemicals industry. Thus you get to venture out of your comfort zone and move over to territories that remained unexplored by you for a considerable time. 

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Understanding the Demand of Existing Customers

Customers are the kingpin of the business module. All your activities should be oriented towards their benefit. Your primary aim is to see that they obtain the highest amount of efficiency and satisfaction. Thus your existing customer base is what helps you gain popularity in the market through word of mouth promotion. Once you merge with another business entity and become even more financially capable, you should strengthen and solidify your relationship with existing customers. Your level of dedication towards them increases rapidly. 

Branding Awareness

Brand recognition is a very important aspect of a business environment. Branding is the process of increasing the popularity of your business functioning. When your business operations become very popular, they have termed branding strategies. Recognizing the facets of increasing the branding policy of the business venture is a preliminary step in increasing your scale of operation. 

Increasing Loyalty in the Brand

Loyalty is the basis upon which all business decisions stand. Only when you are loyal, can you generate satisfaction for your customer base. Being loyal is the basic and foremost requirement that is needed for business development. You aim to create a positive relationship with everyone. Positivity can emanate only when partnerships prosper and therefore business dealings grow in size and scale. Increasing brand loyalty improves business understanding.  

Increasing Company Reach

Another aim of the strategic partnership is to increase the company’s reach. Company reach refers to the extent to which the company becomes popular in the organizational working environment. Geographical Expansion and Economic Expansion are two different concepts. However, achieving both these different objectives is critical for the growth of the business. 

Enhanced Revenue

One of the biggest incentives of strategic partnerships is revenue. Revenue increase leads to the development of the interpersonal relationship between the two strategic business partnerships. As you team up with another business partner, your financial strength increases. Thus you can bring about changes in your business functioning which earlier seemed improbable due to lack of adequate funding operations. 

Sharing of Resources leads to Harmonious Relationships

Sharing of resources in strategic partnerships is very important. When two business entities come together, they share their capabilities and capacities. Thus as two business firms share their resources. This leads to the development of a harmonious relationship between the two business entities. 

Ensuring Stability

Finally, ensuring stability is one of the primary objectives of business entities involves in strategic partnerships. With good combination of resources, stability is achieved and the business performs better. 

From the above discussion, it becomes clear that a combined business entity through strategic partnerships helps in garnering better business prospects. 

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7 Ways to Combine Traditional and Digital Marketing Strategies

The world has taken a seat back with Digitization and Innovation of Digital Technology taking a centre stage in the process of development and promotion and selling activities in the world. Classic Marketing Techniques emphasized the principle of production. After the production process of goods and services was complete, they were packaged and then traded off to the market for selling and distribution. This was done by the retailers present in the market. Physical Communication and Transportation of Goods and Services was considered very important.

However, the scenario changed with the inception of Internet facilities. The purchase destinations were established online. Fashionable advertisements and catchy slogans replaced sturdy packaging and reliable logistics. The labeling and branding of the product and service became the two most important criteria of digital marketing. Thus evolved the concept of online internet marketing. We have always witnessed that achieving a perfect balance between ‘what was’ and ‘what will be has been the key to success in the organizational environment.

We have come up with some really effective methods that will help you improve your marketing strategies in both modes.

Billboard Advertising and Geotargeting in Markets

Billboards have always been a popular medium to attract a large segment of the population. Large glow signs and flex boards are always perfect for attracting the attention of interested consumers. Large business houses have adopted billboards to advertise their products on the roads and sidewalks. It is one of the primary methods of marketing. Nowadays, many small organizations and marketing firms have adopted newer and more digitized techniques. Among them the primary one is Geotargeting. In this method, the business analyzes the geographical areas where the product will sell the highest. They analyze the business prospects and then advertise their products. Thus it is a productive combination of traditional and digital techniques of marketing.

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Magazines and Digital Media Promotion

Magazines and Newspapers reach the largest segment of the population. Many people globally read magazines and newspapers daily. Therefore posting an advertisement in the magazine is the best way to promote the products and services. Magazines contain a variety of topics and spicy news regarding entertainment, economics, and other means of product promotion. With digitization taking center stage, website marketing has changed the panorama of digital marketing. Companies design their websites with information about the products. The interesting target audience can find all relevant information on the websites.

Newspapers and Online Advertising Portals

Newspapers as mentioned previously are a hit if you want to promote your product. People nowadays abstain from the habit of reading newspapers due to the busy scheduling of work. Therefore they prefer online newspapers. A company can promote its business model by posting advertisements in such e-newspapers. Advertisement Portals are bought by large-scale companies. They post attractive advertisements on such web portals.

Television and Video Advertisements on YouTube

If you are not familiar with YouTube, you must be living in a cave. It has changed the dimension of video blogging and advertisements completely. Companies now post videos on their private YouTube channel. People from all corners of the globe can access such content. Thus it increases popularity. However, it is hard to beat Television advertisements. Posting your promotion content on a famous channel helps in improving business scale.

Radio Stations and Streaming Advertisements, Pop-Up Advertisements

Whenever you open a website, you may be familiar with a pop-up window that opens up alongside it. If you click on the link, you will be redirected to the webpage of the business site. Thus pop-up advertisements and live streaming of video content help in promoting popularity. Radio Stations have traditionally been one of the primary means of marketing. Although Radio has become somewhat obsolete, however, it has not lost its relevance completely.

Direct Calling and Target Communication

Earlier it was more precedent to directly call the interested customer. Tele-callers used to pitch the product characteristics to the client. If they seemed interested, the purchase would take place. Nowadays, with the invention of consumer behavior analysis tools, one can easily identify a target audience. It has blended the traditional and modern methods of marketing.

Event Management and Account-Based Marketing

Traditional companies used to organize large-scale events. They invite customers where presentations are to make the consumers aware of the products and services. That changed with the invention of Account-Based Marketing (ABM). Here, a prior analysis of the prospective customers took place. Research processes analyzed the behavior of interested customers.

Therefore this synthesis and harmonious relationship between traditional and modern methods of marketing has been productive. It has brought about a revolution in the field of online marketing.

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