5 Secrets of a Well Established Brand Identity

5 Secrets of a Well Established Brand Identity


Every brand has a story and then as a company you have to work towards making your account be heard. There are a few secrets behind well-established brand identities, which will help you chart out yours.

  1. Colour says it all

People relate and remember visuals very quickly and colors are an essential part of any visual. We grow up associating colors with things and emotions. It’s almost our second language. So make sure you choose a color that represents your brand. For example white color stands for peace, innocence and purity and hospitals and doctor clinics are usually painted in white and lighter colors for purity.

2. Give it personality

Every brand that has a particular character which helps them to stand out to their target audience. It speaks the mind of your audience. McDonald in India projects itself as a  family and kids friendly food joint, and hence it’s first advertisements, ambiance, etc. speak of the same.

3. Be Consistent

Consumers who are coming back to you for your product or service expect the same quality to be delivered. People refrain from dealing with the companies they can’t rely on for consistency. The service industry is an excellent example for this once you go to a hotel with shabby beds, you’re not revisiting them.

4. Give it Exposure

With a good product and service, you also need to have good exposure for it. The more the people experience better for your brand identity and business.

With social media at our rescue the gap between the consumer and your brand has reduced, so leverage it to make the most for your brand.

5. Be Unique

Some brands establish their identity by just being unique, being innovative. For instance, In the market for luxury car brands, Volvo made its space by being a safe car to ride in. In food delivery section, Dominos made its presence clear with the 30-minute pizza delivery.

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