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Business Growth

This program is designed to drive growth in individual businesses by drafting detailed business plan for 3-5 years.

Event agenda

Why entrepreneurship
What problem will you solve?
How to create social change
How to become an innovator
Go cubicle free
• Make a better mousetrap

Key takeaways

Vision definition
Goals & value creation
Key business processes
Key business processes
Create your own legacy
• Develop an iron jaw

Qualified Trainers


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Step by step guide on why and how to start your business

Past Seminars


8th Janauary, 2022


Qutbi Mohallah, Ahemdabad

Session attended by

95 Mumineen

Glimpses of event


9th Janauary, 2022


Sironj, Bhopal

Session attended by

80 Mumineen

Glimpses of event


31st Janauary, 2022


Mhow Camp, Indore

Session attended by

70 Mumineen

Glimpses of event

Images will be uploaded shortly! Stay tuned.


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Al-Tijaarat al-Raabehah

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