10 Product Photography Tips and Strategies for Startups

10 Product Photography Tips and Strategies for Startups

Product Photography is defined as the profession of clicking images of the product. This image is further used for promoting the product on online platforms. With the advancement of the Internet, product photography has become very important. Impactful product photography develops the branding policy. It instantly captures the imagination of a customer. People are always more attracted to visual imagery than written statements. Thus it creates expectations in the minds of the consumers about how you would go about your business. Each business model should possess distinct product photography tricks and techniques. This would help them gain an edge over their competitors. Startups or new businesses should actively invest in product photography. Only then can they market their products in a better way. Following are a few product photography tips that any startup should follow-

Amount of Light

You should be careful about the amount of light in which you are shooting. Natural Light is the best source of light. For any photography session, you should focus on natural light. The amount of natural light is highest during noon. Thus your photography sessions should be scheduled at noon. Only checking the light source is insufficient. You should also check the correct distribution of light for the image. Therefore you should have an even distribution of the light for every image. Blurry images of the product damage the reputation of the company. 

Keep a White Background

While shooting product photography, it is advised to keep a white background. That will keep the attention of the customer only on the product. You will find that at times the background is kept white for this reason. This is known as the infinity curve. White fabric cloth is taken and folded in a curved manner. Thus the focus is clearly on the product whose image is being clicked. 

Try Different Angles

Try Different Angles while clicking the image of the product. Traditional Angles are perfect. But at times to make your product unique, try different types of close-ups. Close-ups would help you tell a different story about the product. Trying different options would help you diversify the source of your product information. Therefore by trying out different angles, you would be able to capture different emotions of the product. 

Avoid Motion Blur

A Blur appears on the image when you are not steady with the camera. A slight movement of your hand can cause the image to disrupt. It is known as Motion Blur. Thus you should consider using a tripod for this purpose. It helps in keeping the camera stable. Thus the image clicked is stable in the frame. The clarity of the picture is also high. 

Understanding the size and scale of the product

An important criterion is to understand the scale and size of the product. When you click an image, a customer must understand the size of the original product. Sometimes the customer is unable to gauge this fact. It creates confusion in their consumption decision. Thus place an object of the same size as the product beside it. This would give them a proper reference for the product size. 

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Keep a Natural Surrounding

An artificial surrounding may look aesthetic. But it is not that much believable to the customer. Thus you must give preference to the natural environment. For example- when your product is a wristwatch, your natural environment should include someone’s wrist where the watch is. It will give a more realistic appeal to the product. 

Try Showing Everything

Some companies avert showing all information to the buyer. Avoid making that mistake. You should show all the information relevant to your product image. For example- your product is available in different colors like red, blue, and grey. Thus you should have an image of your product in all the aforementioned colors. Then only the customers would realize that you are true to your product. 

Download the Pictures on the Computer

At times the webmasters make a mistake. They click the image of the product on the camera. They review the image and decide whether the image would look good on a tiny screen. You should always have a larger view of the product. For that reason download the picture on the computer. 

Keep your Image Clean and Simple

You might be lured towards using filters for your picture. Such filters are generally available on social media applications. But you should avoid using such filters. The originality of your picture is lost. It no longer remains viable for the customers. Thus keep your image in the raw form, simple and clean. 

Use A Macro Setting on your Camera

Different Settings are available on a camera. Like nowadays details of the image can be captured from a different perspective. Using a macro setting on your camera always helps. This helps in maintaining the highest details of the product in question. 

If a startup follows the aforementioned tips and techniques, it is sure to taste success and prosperity in product photography. 

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