10 survey tools to aid your business

10 survey tools to aid your business

In any business ‘knowing’ and ‘growing’ is very important. But the knowing only happens through the means of adequate research and surveys. To know more one needs to explore more and understand the preferences and opinions of others. 

The notion that surveys are only for large corporations or companies, universities,  centres for research needs to be left behind. Surveys are not just limited to them anymore and have a wide expanse. They are used by various different organizations for various purposes.  

Surveys are very important for any business today, no matter how large or small. They provide you with the comprehensive that you need to make important decisions regarding your business. It helps businesses in understanding what are the opinions, choices, sentiments of customers, how these customers make decisions. They also help businesses with market research. 

Important uses of a survey tool for businesses:

These days there a lot of tools and technologies that help one in conducting surveys online. Surveys help in acquiring a vast variety of information and gain insights on a lot of different topics. It helps in segmentation and categorization on the basis of several factors such as gender, purchasing power, demography etc. These online tools aid in making better intervention decisions based on certain specific segments. 

Here are 3 uses of online survey tools-

  • Often businesses think of a product that could be successful in the market. But rather than developing it and starting to market it, it’s better to do a product screening first. Through surveys, one can get a more realistic idea of whether the product will be liked by the customers or not and then go ahead with it.  
  • Surveys help in identifying what are the pain points of the customers. They help us understand what is the kind of competition and if there are any similar products or services in the market. Through such quick online surveys, you can gauge the audience’s perception of your product or service vis a vis the competitor’s. This also helps in addressing and eliminating any issues related to customer service and product offerings. 
  • A survey is also a great way to get to know people’s opinions, sentiments, and how open they are to change. Internal surveys can also be done to see what the employees feel about the benefits they get. These basically help make decisions that are driven by genuine reactions rather than assumptions.

10 online survey tools that businesses can use:

These online tools make it very quick and easy for businesses to conduct surveys. Online surveys provide the right amount of reach required to obtain a good sample size. Below mentioned are 10 great tools to try out:

1. Google Forms

This is a popular tool used by various companies, institutions and organizations. Google forms have a lot of interesting features and the best part is that it is for free. You can generate an unlimited number of surveys for an unlimited number of respondents. Other features include automatic data collection on Google sheets, page branching, different themes etc.

2. Survey Monkey

Most of us have probably at some point come across this, either in our mail inboxes or on the internet. Survey Monkey is one of the most popular tools. It is very effective and offers various types of subscription plans one can choose from.

3. Survio

A very user-friendly and simple tool that helps you do market research and measure the level of customer satisfaction. It’s a free platform where you can conduct surveys all by yourself with ease. They have numerous templates to choose from which let you not only collect but also analyze and share the data collected. 

4. Hubspot Surveys

Another great survey tool to conduct surveys on customer satisfaction and you can procure feedback from them in terms of the experiences and interactions they have had with your business. The survey can either be sent through an email or can also be displayed on any webpage with your Hubspot tracking code. There are 5 templates available and it is compatible with all devices. 

 5. LimeSurvey

LimeSurvey is a very useful survey tool which offers more than 80 languages, several question types, a lot of privileges for the administrator, allowing teams to work on a survey, assessment scores for analysis and a lot more.

6. QuestionPro

This has an interface that is very simple and easy to use. There are a lot of sample templates and they provide both qualitative and quantitative options for research. You can send the surveys that you have created through emails, text messages, mobiles, website embeds or even social media. 

7. Survey Gizmo 

They provide really exceptional survey tools at various levels of pricing. You also have the option of exporting your data to spreadsheet tools such as Excel or anything else. You have the option to have an unlimited number of questions per survey even with the free version.

8. Qualtrics

As do a lot of other online survey tools, Qualtrics also have their owns set of in-built templates that a one can use when they are creating a survey. You can also get a view of how it will look on different devices and what the display will be like. There is a free trial and customized pricing available as well. 

9. Google Surveys 

Google Surveys are a brilliant tool when it comes to market research and obtaining data from survey questions. Many users all over the internet answer these survey questions. The pricing strategy is based on each response that is completed. The responses received are then properly aggregated and analyzed by Google. This is done through the means of a simple digital interface which consists of graphs and other sorts of segmentation on a demographic basis. You can even share these with your team. 

10. Zoho Survey

Although they are very new in the field, they are doing great and giving tough competition to the other players. There is definitely less flexibility in the free version as compared to the paid ones, but looking at what the other tools offer they have much better packages. 

If you are running a business whether large or small scale, please do try out surveys and explore the limitless benefits that they can provide. 

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