Don’t Miss Work During The Pandemic – Here’s What Technology Can Do To Keep Up With Productivity

Don’t Miss Work During The Pandemic – Here’s What Technology Can Do To Keep Up With Productivity

The latest pandemic the world is currently facing, the COVID-19 has left the entire world astounded. With the number of infected people on the rise constantly, we see how the world has come literally to a standstill. As people have begun avoiding venturing out altogether except for gathering essentials, it is becoming more and more difficult for everyone to keep their productivity up.

MNCs and other large companies have their solutions to keep up the productive work amidst all this, but small organizations may not be able to get their hands on mass communication tools for internal and external coordination amongst their at reasonable costs. We did come across quite a few apps, websites and online tools to get your work on track while staying indoors and safe from infections.

Zoho – For End-to-End Business Management

This tool is a great assortment of everything you need to manage in your business – right from CRM to HR. This powerful cloud-based management suite can make every type of management including finance, people, customers, IT and more a piece of cake. What’s more, you don’t even need to leave the comfort and safety of your home – all you need is a computer and the internet.

Trello – Keep Your People at Work Without Worries

This task management tool has an active dashboard where you can assign all your employees, colleagues and subordinates different tasks and then monitor them. You get timely and custom reports to keep a track of the way work is going on in your team. To add a cherry to the cake, Trello also lets you integrate any apps you may already be using with your teammates.

Slack – Your Handy Office Messenger

If you have independently working people in your team and need a simple and easy-to-use platform that can help you organize, assign and control the flow of work, slack is your go-to application. Available for Android as well as PC desktop app or even accessible like a website, Slack lets you collaborate with people and add a little bit of organization to your work. Like Trello, Slack can also integrate various apps to make your job easier.

Flock – For Birds of a Feather

Flock is a platform that is similar to slack and offers a wide plethora of features like instant conversations, video calls with multiple people at once, productivity tools, app integrations and more. You can even chat one-on-one or start a channel, add people to it and broadcast your message to your teammates. Flock makes conversations over long distances easier.

Microsoft Teams – For Easy and Effective Communication

If you manage a lot of people, having all of them working home is quite a task to manage. Microsoft is your dependable buddy when it comes to communicating and coordinating between teams and teammates. A chat-based platform in the basic sense, Microsoft Teams is much more than just that. Apart from the app integrations and clutter-free chat spaces, you can schedule, remind and conduct meetings remotely without people having to be physically present in a meeting room.

If your company has many employees and you use Office 365, Teams is an application easily accessible to you which you can integrate anytime.

Google Suite Apps – So That Your Business is Always As Usual

Google has recently jumped into the work management space currently ruled by Microsoft. Google suite gives you and your firm an amazing amount of freedom and easy-to-use platforms to get every task that can be done remotely, well remotely! Google Suite seamlessly integrates with Docs, Sheets, Presentations and other Google Chrome Apps to ensure your work keeps flowing smoothly. Calls, messages and conferencing are managed by Hangouts; be it home or office, Google Suite doesn’t even let you feel the difference.

HeySpace – Easy Task Management for Everyone

If you are looking for more than just a tool to chat with colleagues or more than just task assignments, HeySpace comes to the rescue. HeySpace brings 3 different salient features to the table – team (chats), spaces (channel-based communication) and cards (task assignments and management). HeySpace doesn’t only collaborate within the team, you can also communicate with your clients. In a nutshell, HeySpace makes use of Trello and Slack’s features to give you a fine blended experience.

In a Nutshell

These seven tools are great to keep a track of your and your employees’/colleagues’ work while working remotely. Staying safe and working at home while taking preventive measures can help in keeping the work going and you can always say, “It’s business as usual, just remotely.”

Stay Safe During the Pandemic

Governments of every single country are actively taking strict and powerful counter-measures to keep the spread of this extremely contagious disease away from their citizens. We, as responsible citizens, are also actively taking precautions by isolating ourselves from society temporarily. Let’s all avoid gathering in huge crowds and wash our hands thoroughly. Venture out only when necessary and wear a mask at all times when outdoors. The bad times are here to pass.

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