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Al-Tijaarat al-Raabehah introduces
Digital Ambassador Program
Register your interest if you are an expert in social media and content creation

The program

The mission of this program is to enable Dawoodi Bohra community with new day and age business ideas, models and strategy. Although DBohra social media channels reaches 100's of 1000's of mumineen but the intention of this program is create local digital ambassadors to share relevant content through respective digital channels.
How  it works

Core Digital Marketing team launches campaigns

Content is curated and shared with Digital Ambassadors

Digital Ambassadors share the content in their local mauze

Who should participate?

The DBohra Digital Marketing team shall identify, hire and nurture Digital Ambassadors in their respective mauzes who in turn will share the relevant content with every single mumin. The digital ambassadors will have exclusive access to Al-Tijaarat al-Raabehah's extensive resource library.
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Digital Marketing Experts
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Social Media Influencers
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Al-Tijaarat al-Raabehah Member
Campaign Modelling Canvas
DBohra's digital marketing team defines marketing campaigns based on on-going events, trending topics and other related activities. As a digital ambassador you will get become a single point of contact in your mauze to help execute the campaign.
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User Generated Content
Although DBohra's core digital marketing team creates campaigns but the there is a strong need to create localised content, curate and share it across the board so that mumineen globally can benefit from the content and grow their business
Digital Content Distribution
DBohra core digital marketing team works on omni channel and as digital ambassadors you will help increase user acquisition, engagement and retention on these platforms.
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Implementation and Monitoring
DBohra's core team will provide extensive support in terms of approach, process and detailed execution steps so that as digital ambassadors you spend time on user acquisition, engagement and retention rather than backend logistics. 
Measure success
DBohra's core digital marketing team has defined the framework, structure and key performance indicators to quantitively measure the performance of content delivery and consumption
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If you are a digital marketing expert then talk to our core team