The business value of design – McKinsey & Company

The value of design (and its loaded counterpart, design-thinking) has never been more unequivocal than now. The international management consultancy firm McKinsey & Company released its first study on the business value of design. Using data gleaned from tracking the design practices of 300 publicly listed companies in multiple countries and industries over the past five years, the study is one of the most rigorously conducted surveys that proves the financial impact of design in business.

Design in business has certainly been a well-touted concept in recent years, but as McKinsey & Company concludes, the consistent integration of design and business is key. In its research, McKinsey posed hundreds of questions to the surveyed companies and has grouped its findings as a set of 12 design actions, organised into four themes. The top design performers were subsequently aggregated into a single metric – the McKinsey Design Index.

Jumping off from the standard notion that design is an aesthetic-based discipline used to enhance the appearance of products, the McKinsey Design Index frames design as a way of thinking, where creative processes can achieve a better understanding of consumer needs. The four themes include ‘More than a feeling’, which addresses design analysis in the boardroom and C-suite, ‘More than a product’ that focuses on customer experience, ‘More than a department’ which places design as a responsibility that all employees should uphold, and ‘More than a phase’, which emphasises continuous iteration, adjustment and learning throughout a company’s trajectory.

Overall, the study reveals a wide range of performances in companies involved in both making products and delivering services. It also proves a correlation between design and financial performance. The top 25 per cent of scorers in the McKinsey Design Index achieved an average revenue growth of 32 per cent higher than their peers, as well as 56 per cent higher in Total Return to Shareholders.

The moral of the story here suggests that top management should consider and embrace design early in the process in order for a business to benefit from it. The companies with the strongest financial returns in the survey were armed with a user-centric vision and had utilised design in the planning at the top, while also manipulating design metrics to monitor customer satisfaction.

It’s a philosophy that McKinsey & Company exemplifies well. Its subsidiary, McKinsey Design, drives client growth by creating differentiation on the product, service and experiential fronts, thanks to its team of over 350 designers that encompass its acquired companies like Lunar Design, Veryday, and its own digital labs. With both acquisitions developing cutting-edge products like the non-drug migraine treatment eNeura (LUNAR).

Non-drug migraine treatment eNeura by Lunar Design

BohraConnect – Free classifieds mobile app for Dawoodi Bohras worldwide


BohraConnect is a free classifieds mobile app for Dawoodi Bohras worldwide. You can buy, sell or rent anything you can think of and best part – you can hunt for accommodations too. It is a collaborative effort with, an initiative of Al-Tijaarat al-Raabehah to build an online global business community for Dawoodi Bohras.

The app is now available on the Google Play Store, and intended for use by Dawoodi Bohra community members.

Community members can list products, jobs and services on the app as well as rentals from anywhere in the world and instantly gain access to interested consumers globally. Ideal for both buyers and sellers the app strives to increase the reach of even the smallest businesses and provide a platform where community members can safely transact with one another on a global level.

The app allows community members to:

Buy and sell products

Manage jobs where employers can list vacancies and prospective job hunters can apply for those jobs. The entire process is expedited by one touch job applications.

List accommodations whether members are traveling for business, pleasure or religious gatherings, houses and rooms can easily be listed, viewed and booked.

Request services  members can post their service requirements such as catering or event planning and have the relevant parties respond with quotations and other relevant details.


All features of BohraConnect are free for buyers and sellers always. No bait and switch. Why pay when you can sell for free?

Post unlimited items and manage them from your account. Listings last until you choose for.

Contact the seller/job poster in just one click of a button. No need to track your communications elsewhere, use our inbuilt secure chat feature.

9 Basic Principles of Partnership for Businesses according to Shariat Mohammediyah


In view of the wishes of al-Dai-Ajal Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS Mumineen are urged to amend their existing partnership deeds or draft new partnership deeds that adhere to laws and guide Mumineen, al-Tijaraat al-Raabehah has prepared a document to help Mumineen ensure that their partnership deeds are compliant with Shariat.