The 17 best ways to promote your business: A must-read for new entrepreneurs

The 17 best ways to promote your business: A must-read for new entrepreneurs

Business Entrepreneur- as people like to call it, the foundation of economic growth. Working under someone earns you a fixed income. If you averse to taking risks, service is the best profession. Entrepreneurs take risks and start up a business venture. Through hard work and determination, along with planning they build a business empire. Promoting a business is very important. It increases the popularity of the business on the public platform. How are you going to advertise it? Do you have a plan ready for promoting it? We have got you some proven tips that would help you increase the reach of your business. 

  • To reach your target audience and
  • To advertise your business with very less investment

Use Local Listing Services

DBohra is the one-stop platform that offers businesses to list out and gain maximum opportunities towards exploring the business. With the help of the Bohra Connect app, you can easily register your business in the listing. This platform help locate your business establishment easily.  Typing the keywords would help you find a business location. 

Embrace Social Media Presence

Embrace the presence of your business on Social Media. Create profiles of your business on Facebook and Instagram. Market your content and reach out to customers through Facebook Advertisements and Instagram reels. 

Start a Blog

Start a business blog by mentioning your business objectives and goals. Give images of your products and services. Incorporate creative digital marketing tools to beautify your blog. Keep all the information related to the blog up to date. 

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Put your Promotional Content on YouTube

YouTube is free to all video promotion channels. Post your business videos on YouTube.  Reach out to interested customers through video blogging on YouTube. Videos on YouTube increase your business reach. 

Provide Relevant SEO to your Business Website

Usage of necessary keywords is very important. Optimize your business keywords. If the customers type the keywords on the search bar, your business website must appear. 

Press Release

Do not hesitate to publicize your business achievements. Large Multinational Media firms pick up on it. 

Get Involved in Email Marketing

Email Marketing helps in promoting your business. Gather a customer base and send them regular emails about your product and service development strategies. Keep them in the loop and you are sure to benefit from their new-found interest. 

Ask for Reviews

Ask customers to give reviews or feedback on your products and service. Post the positive reviews on your official website. 

Guest Blogging

Allow customers to write blogs on your profile. It would enhance your company’s image. Ask people in your business community to write blogs about your business model. 

Share Pictures and Videos

Regularly update your business profile with attractive pictures and videos. It would help customers know what you are up to. The more pictures you share, the more you will get to interact with customers through comments on public feeds. 

Respond to Blog Comments

Give a proper reply to the blog comments. It helps in creating networking of information and ideas. 

Offers Deals like Giveaways and Discounts

Offer Cash Discounts to entice the customers. Giveaway prices and vouchers to the customers. It would help you increase the popularity of your business model. 

Network and Collaborate

Create connections and friends in the world of business. They often act as the perfect recommendation tools. Sometimes these friends help you to collaborate with other business models. Collaboration would help in increasing the size of your business. 

Utilize Classified Listings

Many Classified Listings like Craigslist are available on the Internet. Post business information on such lists. It would help you generate productivity and would increase your acceptance level in the market. 

Affiliate or Referral Program

This is a method to reward your loyal customers. Add them to the referral program. 

Keep a Check on Staff Interaction

Always keep a check on how your staff interacts with the customers. Understand that they are your business prospects and assets. Improper behavior can harm the reputation of your business.


Therefore, if you want to make your business a bigger brand, follow the aforementioned steps. Understand your business niche and work towards making it bigger and better. 

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