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The approach

Following a well-defined process enables more effective, efficient and a systematic approach to business counselling. Also, keeps consistency and measuring of results in an easier way. 
Data collection
Acquiring accurate and relevant information of the present situation of the client’s business is the cornerstone to identify the problem/challenge preventing growth in their business. 
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Problem identification
The initial area of focus in problem solving is recognising the actual gap/problems in the business. By defining the gap/problem in measurable terms enables the counsellor to focus and place efforts on the core issues only. Before the counsellor initiates the process of problem identification, it is crucial to identify the stage of growth followed by classification of problems faced in transitioning from one stage to the other. 
Root cause analysis
Why does the problem occur? Identifying the problem doesn’t tell us the cause. To resolve a problem permanently, it is required to know or find out the root cause of the identified problem. An effective solution can be provided only when we have accurate information about the cause or causes of the problem. Without relevant data, the efforts may address the symptoms but not the source of the problem. 
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Solution definition
On the basis of the client’s current situation and with a focus to open up new opportunities/promote the next level of growth, practical, doable and standardise solutions to address the causes/problems is to be provided. In critical cases, the countermeasures must also be highlighted to the client. 
Implementation and Monitoring
The next step is to oversee that the client implements the solution as per the action plan prepared, check its impact on business and ensure that the root cause has gone and thus the problem has been eliminated from the business. The counsellors must handhold and assist the clients in overcoming any difficulties faced during the implementation process. If through monitoring it reveals that the solutions are not solving the problem, the counsellor may switch immediately to a new solution.
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Measure success
As the aim of counselling is to foster growth-transition business from one stage to another, hence, regular progress checks are essential to ensure that the businesses are continuously growing, achieving profitability and are able to sustain in today’s competitive market. 
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