15 Business Review Sites Where Customers Rate You

15 Business Review Sites Where Customers Rate You

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Business enterprises have grown and diversified on a massive scale. Incorporating wholesale changes to the process of evaluating functioning mechanisms and elements to dilute business profiles they can easily be able to produce goods and services and sell them in the appropriate market framework. Business review websites are essentially portals. 

Following are some of the premium business review websites where the customers will be able to rate you-

Google My Business

One of the primary instruments to share business knowledge and where the customers can post independent reviews and feedback comments about the products they used from your business model is beneficial when it comes to determining whether it is appropriate to purchase the product or not. 

Bing Places for Business Review

Bing is one of the most popular search engine models currently present on the Internet and through the function of attaching business search options and review posting mechanism, Bing has become one of the most popular destinations to check business reviews posted by the consumers who have used the designated products and services. 

Facebook Reviews

The application of social media channels has improved tremendously with it being the most desired platform to reach a large customer base and create awareness about the functioning of the required products and services. 

Better Business Reviews

Better Business Reviews (BBR) is the most trusted business review website where individuals navigating their way through the digitally optimized have the opportunity of recommending favorable business environments and how their functioning can be beneficial for the growth of the entrepreneur. 

Amazon Business Reviews

Amazon allows customers to post reviews along with allocating stars on the usage criteria of the product which goes on to indicate what his feedback after the use of the product was. For example- the overall maximum stars allocated for the use of a product or service is 5. The consumer provides either 3,4,5, 1, and 2 stars which are then graded into overall customer satisfaction levels. 

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages offers the business entity with the option of modifying their webpage content by moderating portfolios, business components and thereby ensuring that adequate modification can take place regarding the overall feedback and monitoring mechanism that is provided on the product. Yellow Pages has gradually shifted its area of operation to the online digital mode. 

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Another business review website from where you can gain a significant idea about the hotels, price ranges of the hotels, and the subsequent tariff charges attached with it. Through TripAdvisor, you can post reviews after staying in one of the hotels there and you can communicate whether you had a fruitful, productive stay or an unproductive duration of stay. 


If you are a registered restaurant business owner you should get yourself registered with OpenTable. It gives you the option of allowing customers to make reservations at your hotel at discounted prices. It enables them to write honest reviews about the food. 


This web engine allows customers to write reviews about companies and how they function. The reviews mentioned there help customers in identifying which companies would be most beneficial to interact in a business exchange transaction with. 


Glassdoor allows employees to post honest reviews about the working mechanisms of the company. The user needs to put honest opinions and work ideas about the environment of a company. 


G2 is one of the prime business review posting sites for business conglomerates and enterprises. News and information gathered about how business entities perform important functions. 


Manta is the prime business review site that deals with small business setups. Customization of a business profile on Manta is feasible thereby moderating business feeds regularly. 


WebMD posts medical information to help customers acquire information about medicine companies and business enterprises. It produces and sells medicines in the market or through means of e-commerce. 


This website helps in the proper tracking of computer software. The tracking is on the basis of the needs and specifications of the customers. It helps in orienting the business needs of the consumers. 


It is an online review source that designs for software businesses. The users of this website are verified through their existing Linked In account. 


Business enterprises and their review mechanisms help maintain a climate of unbiasedness and impartiality thereby helping consumers obtain the best quality of services. 

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