Best tips for improving your digital body language

Best tips for improving your digital body language

Effective Communication is one of the pillars to success for a positive interview. Any interviewer looks to employ candidates with a basic understanding of their surroundings and the capacity to reason and identify flaws so that they can be rectified. For improving the body language there are some tips that the interviewees can adapt to enhance their interview. 

Tips to improve Digital Body Language

A potent digital body language improves the chances of creating a good impression in front of the interviewers. Following are some tips that can be followed for improving digital body language– 

Creating a Good First Impression

One of the primary tips to improve digital body language is to create a good first impression. During the face-to-face interviews, you have time to create an impression. Moreover, you can voice your opinions and try to manipulate the viewpoints of the interviewer. However, that is quite impossible during digital or online interviews. 

Therefore it is important to build an impression immediately when the camera is switched on. Always start the interview with a smile and not as a carrier of bad and unsubstantiated news. Remember that the interviewer will judge your trustworthiness, your self-confidence and appeal, all based on how you dress and how you present your opinions in a short period. Therefore maximize the time provided. Following this tip would help you improve your digital body language

Make Eye Contact While Speaking

Maintain eye contact while speaking with the interviewers. Directly look into the camera when a question is being asked to you. Keeping your eyes down during such circumstances is a sign of low confidence. Therefore creating eye contact is an important tip for improving digital body language

It is difficult to continuously look into the eyes of interviewers. Therefore look for an opportune moment to remove eye contact. This can be done while they are talking or while you are taking note of the interview environment and surroundings. However, you must not give the impression that you are not paying attention to what they are saying. Digital Body Language Improvement is feasible through direct eye contact. 

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Maintaining A Steady Posture

Maintaining a steady posture is one of the most important tips for improving digital body language. The posture maintained is an important part of the outlook that is represented in front of the interviewers. Therefore a steady posture must be maintained to ensure that a positive impression is formed in the minds of the interview. 

While appearing for the interview process, sit straight with your back and shoulders in proper alignment. Avoid slouching on the chair and touching the surface of the table on which you have kept your device. Negative postures are indicated by a lack of confidence in one’s abilities and thereby continuous deprivation of adequate rest. Therefore before appearing for a digital interview take adequate rest. Positive body language is indicated by sitting upright. It shows that the interviewee has confidence in his skills and abilities. Therefore for improving digital body language, correct posture is very important. 

Use Gestures to Render your Message

Improving Digital Body Language is dependent on using gestures to reinforce the message. While interacting with the interviewers during the online interview, use gestures so that the interviewers can understand what you are trying to communicate. Explain your opinion by standing up if required so that your confidence acts as an assurance to the interviewer. 

Using positive body language also helps you influence the body language of the interviewer. The capacity to perceive a situation also increases. However, at times people make mistakes when they try to read the minds of the counterparts who are sitting on the opposite side of the interview process. This is not always fruitful as expressions can be deceiving and the interviewers are capable of hiding their emotions and portraying their viewpoint. To improve the digital body language  

Perceiving the Interview Environment

Perceiving the interview environment is one of the most important tips to improve digital body language. When you are appearing for an online or offline interview, it is very important to analyze the surroundings and then take decisions. During offline interviews, when you enter the interview room, notice the mood of the existing board members in the interview room. Through their expressions, you will be able to gauge whether they are happy, sad, or angry about something. 

This facility is not available during online digital interviews. Therefore it is important to understand and perceive the behavior of the members of the room who are on camera. Notice the behavioral changes taking place in them as you answer their question. See how they react when you answer assertively and also see how they react when you give a negative answer to something. Therefore for improving the digital body language, it is very important to understand the needs and requirements of the interview environment. This assumes special significance during digital online interviews where the questions are asked and the interviews are taken on digital mediums like Skype and Google Duo


Therefore for improving digital body language it is important to maintain a certain level of self-confidence that is reciprocated by the interviewee. It helps in forming a positive impression during the interview. 

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

Does First Impression truly matter?

Yes, First Impression matters. It is the first outlook that you as an interviewee create in the minds of the interviewer. 

Why is maintaining eye contact considered important for digital interviews?

Maintaining eye contact is important because only then you can perceive the thought process of the interviewer who is sitting in front of you and judging you. 

Which applications are used for online interviews?

Video calling applications like Skype and Google Duo are used for online interviews. 

Why is perceiving the interview environment important?

Only by properly perceiving the interview environment can you form an opinion about the surroundings and how you should adjust your postures and attire accordingly. 

Which kind of gestures renders formal and informal messages?

Both oral and verbal gestures render formal and informal messages. 

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