Business Assessment: The Perfect Juncture to nail a Business Assessment and Reason behind it

Business Assessment: The Perfect Juncture to nail a Business Assessment and Reason behind it


Businesses that run unmonitored have the making for destruction- no wait, my intention is not to scare you by saying these premonitions. It notices that business organizations with unrestricted work approaches suffer the highest quantum of damage. Therefore Business Assessment is an extremely necessary practice. It helps in evaluating business principles. It analyzes business performance and creates parameters for business functions. Business Assessment must be performed at a specific time with a specific set of objectives. The following analysis would help us understand when the business assessment should take place-

During Mergers and Business Acquisitions

Business Assessments during mergers and acquisitions are important. On the other hand, acquisitions refer to acquiring business resources. The aforementioned business processes must take place after assessing the profit and loss position of the company. Through business analysis, the position of assets and liabilities of the business can be identified. Business Assessments lead to the identification of the business position accurately. Therefore the mergers and acquisitions are justified. 

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To Conduct SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is one of the primary prerequisites of a Business Assessment. In SWOT Analysis, we undertake actions to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with business functioning. The strengths reveal where we should focus our business operations. Weaknesses reveal the areas which require improvement. Opportunities are the scope of improvement available through business function. Threats are the dangers that a business is bound to encounter. Therefore through Business Assessment, we understand the variables that work in the company’s favor. Moreover, it reveals to us the importance of a sound business structure that implements the existing principles and works according to the conventions mentioned in the Companies Act.

To Analyze the Profit Position of the Company

The next importance of a Business Assessment is to understand and analyze the profit position of a company. In Business Assessment measures are considers business variables and how they function. While comparing the company balance sheets and expenditure accounts we get an idea about the assets and liability position and the income and expenditure position respectively. Once we have obtained the aforementioned information, Business Assessment becomes easier. If we find that the income at the end of the year is more than the expenditure incurred it is evident that the surplus amount is considered to be the business profit. On the other hand if through the process of Business Assessment it is revealed that expenditures exceed income, then the company is incurring a loss. The calculation is undertaken to analyze the amount of profit or loss incurred. 

To Analyze the Market Competition

Market Competition drives a business to do better and achieve healthier results. When you find that a competing business firm is gaining more profit and attracting more customers, you are bound to improve your game as well. Therefore you incorporate measures to introduce efficiency in the business functioning. Business Assessment helps in understanding the policies adopted by market competitors. Competition generally exists in a perfectly competitive and monopolistically competitive market. In the second market structure, there are very few sellers selling differentiated products. Therefore how you advertise your products and bring newer innovations determine your business profit. Thus business assessment reveals the measures that must be undertaken by you to trump the business competition and emerge on the winning side rather than on the losing side. 


In conclusion, it is important to note that the time and objective of Business Assessment play a critical role in the development of the business environment. It leads to an improvement in the analysis of business functions and holds you in good stead against business competitors. Therefore you should be aware of the business environment and understand what is happening around you to make informed decisions about the business processes. Thus through Business Assessments you can analyze your position in the market and take steps to enhance your reputation further. Remember that assessment is very important periodically. If you let the business run in an unrestricted fashion then it can cause a detrimental impact on your business. 

Be careful while undertaking the process of Business Assessment. Use your resources judiciously and the potential of the results achieved would shock you.

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