Dropshipping business – Everything you need to know

Dropshipping business – Everything you need to know

Business Environment has gone through rapid changes in recent times. Earlier it was difficult to imagine that business could take place through the means of the internet. A physical transaction of goods and services in exchange for monetary benefit was considered a business. However, the norm of physical transfer has transformed completely. The business environment has now come to the palm of your hands. With the click of a button on the mobile phone, you can order requisite goods and services. In such a business environment, when you decide on starting entrepreneurship, different factors are to be taken into consideration. From this discussion, we will steer our conversation towards Dropshipping Business and its associated concepts. At the end of the discussion, you will have a primary understanding of Dropshipping Business. 

What is Dropshipping Business?

Before understanding the concepts associated with Dropshipping Business, we must know the definition. Dropshipping Business is a business model where you directly supply the goods to the third-party or consumer without the presence of a middleman, intermediary, or an agent in between. The goods are directly transferred from the vendor or seller to the doorstep of the consumer. This would be even more clear when we decide on differentiating between Dropshipping Business and Normal Business Model. In the normal business model, the consumer places an order for the products and services. You acquire the requisite products from the wholesaler or vendor. Then you store the product in your godown for logistical issues. You do the work of labeling and packaging the product. Then through the help of an agent or middleman, you transport the product directly to the doorstep of the consumer. The consumer either pays off the amount through net banking or Cash on Delivery mode.

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In the case of Dropshipping Business, the fundamental concepts are similar. Here also the consumer places the order for the product. You acquire the product from the wholesaler or vendor. But here you employ a Dropshipper who would perform the logistical functions of storage, labeling, packaging and ultimately transporting the product. You pay the amount quoted by the consumer along with a Dropshipper fee to the Dropshipping Authority.  It becomes the responsibility of the Dropshipper to transport the products to the doorstep of the consumer. Thus the aforementioned difference is critical for understanding the basic principles of Dropshipping Business. 

Benefits or Advantages of Dropshipping Business

There are majorly two benefits of Dropshipping Business which makes it a profitable business plan. Firstly, in the case of Dropshipping, you the business owner relieves of the responsibility of storing the goods and products. Therefore a huge amount of expenditure incurres on physically storing the goods is eliminated. Secondly, in the case of normal business, you as the business owner would have had to perform logistical functions like labeling, packaging, and transportation.  It is the responsibility of the Dropshipper to undertake the logistical functions of a business enterprise. 

How does dropshipping help you make money?

Dropshipping business operates as product curators, selecting the right mix of products to market to customers. Marketing is a cost you incur in time and money both. It helps potential customers find, evaluate, and buy the right product. You can include the cost of providing customer support whenever there’s a product or shipping issue. 

How to Choose a perfect Dropshipper?

There are majorly two ways in which you can establish communication with a Dropshipper. The first one is through an extensive search on the Internet. Secondly, if you find the internet search exhaustive, you can try communicating with the manufacturer of the Goods. They would help you establish communication with a Dropshipper.  

Thereby it is clear from the aforementioned discussion that Dropshipping Business is a truly viable method to incentivize your profit-earning capacities. 

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