Effective tips to make decision faster

Effective tips to make decision faster

Decision Faster is a trick that is necessary for any organizational environment. It helps in the easy determination of the problem. Decision faster also helps in identifying the solution to the problem and further implementing it. However, only decision faster is not enough. At times owing to the speed, the quality of the decisions made is hampered. Therefore the challenge for any organizational body is to strike a balance between quick decision making and better implementation of decisions. 

Standard Procedures to Make Decision Faster

Some procedures need to be followed to ensure quick and faster decision-making. Following are the procedures to ensure quick decision making-

1. Limit your options

The first procedure to ensure decision faster is to limit the options available in your hand. The more options you have the more spoilt for choices you would be. When you act under completion knowing that there are limitations to the number of choices and options that would be offered to you, you can make productive decisions focused on efficiency and better utilization of efficient resources. Having options makes you complement and you lack the proper discipline of the mind and body. For example- you are a UPSC Aspirant. You have two options- the first one if you have to study and secure qualification for the UPSC Mains examination. The second option, however, is to get a job in a multinational company. Now when you have two options, it is human psychology that you would select the easier one. Therefore if you limit your option to only one, you will be capable of focusing better.

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2. Listen to your gut feelings

The second most important criterion of making decision faster is to listen to your gut feelings. There are circumstances in your life when you come across difficult situations. Although your mind tells you to do something, your heart tells you to do something else. This dilemma leads to rash decision making which can have severe consequences for your life. Therefore the only way to make quick and judicious decisions is to listen to your gut feeling. You may feel in a particular manner about a situation. This feeling arises from perceiving the situation in a particular way and then subsequently analyzing the situation and identifying a conclusion. Therefore proper analysis of a situation gives you a gut feeling that you should get involved in a particular activity or not. Listening to your heart helps make your decision faster. Although at times you do get repentant of the actions taken by you, on the majority of occasions you come out successful in your attempt. 

3. Pen down positive and negative sides 

decision faster

Identify the positive and negative sides of a situation. Identifying the pros and cons of a situation is considered to be a foundational pillar for sound decision-making. Therefore before you indulge in any activity note down the positives and the negatives. Conduct a rational analysis of the positives and the negatives noted down. If you find out that the positives outweigh the negatives, then you can perform or get involved with the activity. However, if you find out that the negatives outweigh the positives, you should probably refrain from getting indulged in the activity. For example- you have been made the chief administrative officer of your company. Upon getting bestowed by the portfolio, conduct a thorough analysis of the pros and cons associated with the responsibility given to you. If you find out that the positives are more in number than the negatives, then you should move forward with fulfilling your responsibility. 

4. Set a deadline for your decision 

Time-bound decision-making is considered to be an important part of the decision-making process. If you do not work with the boundaries of time, it will be difficult for you to complete any work. Time Boundedness not only helps in improving productivity but also ensures that the organization is successful in reducing wastage of time. Initially, you will have difficulty working under the time constraint. For example- you have been assigned a project by a superior. You have been given a deadline of 13 hours. You will feel the pressure to complete the work in time. On the flip side, however, only when you are under intense scrutiny will you perform better. You would have the urge to complete the work early and impress your superior. Moreover knowing that you have to complete the work within a particular time will help in better scheduling of the work. 

5. Overcome the fear of failure

The final hurdle associated with quick decision-making is overcoming the fear of failure. We have often heard the phrase being used repetitively- Failure is the pillar to success. This is not just an organizational catchphrase. This phrase is applicable in daily life as well. Only if you fail will you develop the courage to overcome the fear of failing. You will put in more effort to overcome and eliminate your shortcomings. The more effort you put into a problem, the faster you will be able to resolve it. Moreover, it would further help in quick and judicious decision-making. Therefore overcoming the fear of failure is very important. Once you overcome that fear, you will become capable of taking quick decisions based on your wisdom and judgment. This would help you contribute to the organization productively. 

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Therefore the above points are to be kept in mind if you are looking to increase your ability to take quick decisions. Ensure that you are trying continuously to overcome your shortcomings. Becoming complacent and overconfident will never help you make judicious decisions. 

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

1. Why should you set a deadline to make decision faster?

Setting a deadline for your decisions would help you maintain time boundedness. Better and more efficient decision-making can be ensured. 

2. Should you pen down the positive and negative sides while making decisions?

Analyzing the positive and negative sides of a problem is important while decision making. It helps you weigh the pros and cons and take a judicious decision based on the proportion of positives and negatives associated with a problem. 

3. How to overcome the fear of failure?

Only by trying multiple times and failing can you overcome your fear of failure. If you keep on trying, the more are your chances to overcome failure and emerge triumphantly. 

4. Whom should you listen to while making decisions- mind or body?

While making decisions you should consider the opinions of both your mind and body. Then analyze which one would be better under the given circumstances. 

5. Does quick decision-making mean rash decision-making?

No, Quick Decision Making does not mean rash decision-making. 

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