Effective ways to get Customer Reviews and Feedbacks

Effective ways to get Customer Reviews and Feedbacks


Today we have various analytics tools and data at our disposal that show us the actions taken by our customers, but in order to understand why such actions are taken, we need customer feedbacks and reviews. Here are some effective ways to get customer feedbacks and reviews.


Hand out survey forms

Surveys have been around since a while now, and continue to be an effective mode to get a detailed feedback for your business. Depending on your objective, you can opt for long surveys or use shorter ones. Usually short surveys are easier and more convenient for the person filling them out.

Feedback boxes

With survey forms, always make it a point to ask “What can we do to make the service better?” directly or indirectly. This will help customers talk about the things that have been bothering them, and gives you a chance to offer them a better service.

Reach out directly

Surveys and other mediums work well with large masses and social platforms, but when you reach out directly to a person, you understand what actually worries them or what is it that they need the most and are probably not able to express it otherwise. Sometimes the tone of their voice or the words convey what pain points you should address and focus on.

Analytics-based user activity

There are products available in the market that track your website as a whole and let you know which part of the website is flooded with what kind of user traffic, which page is skipped by your audience and where they have waited for a while to take a look around. This is extremely useful for you, as a business owner, to introduce new products as well as better advertise the existing ones.

Get creative with social media

When you specifically ask a person to review your service or product, the perspective is likely to be biased. When they review your service on social media after using or having experienced it, you are most likely to get an honest feedback from the user. You can also hold contests and have customer engagement campaigns, directly or indirectly asking about your reviews on your product. You can always ask a digital marketing company to assist you with the same, depending on your business goals and objectives.

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