Labor Day: How You Can Celebrate With Your Employees in WFH Environment

Labor Day: How You Can Celebrate With Your Employees in WFH Environment

Labour is the most important element of an enterprise. It is- the mechanism through which all essential operations and functions in an organization are performed. International Labor’s Day is around the corner on May 1st this year. The significance of Labor Day in the life of an office employee is immense. How do you intend to make your employees happy this Labor Day?

In the last year in 2020, the celebrations were halted owing to the Pandemic. It was expected that things would get better for employees this year on the occasion of Labour’s Day. The situation has got worse. It has been difficult to keep the employee morale up with the closure of the office premises. Physical congregation or gathering is impossible this year. However, you must take steps to encourage your employees in this time of distress. Following are a few things that you can do on this Labor’s Day to make your employees feel special-

Write them Personalized Thank You Notes

In today’s world of texts and messages, thank you notes are a rarity. Thus on this year’s occasion of Labor’s Day send a personalized thank you note. This would make the employee feel special and important. Mention in the thank-you notes the reasons why you think the employee is special. He has been able to contribute to the growth of the organization. Mention the specific skill-sets possessed by him and the qualities that he brings to the table. Gifts can always go with thank you notes. Your safest bet would be chocolates and flowers. However, if you share a good personal rapport with the employee and you know what the employee likes then sending a particular gift would be an excellent gesture. It will make the employee think that you consider him or her to be a special part of the organization.

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Labor Day

Host a Team Appreciation Call on Labor Day

All office functions nowadays are being performed through video calls. Therefore take this opportunity to conduct a team appreciation call including all your team members. Appreciate all your employees based on their strengths, achievements and the accomplishments they have had throughout their functioning in the organization. On Labor’s Day be sincere and kind towards your employees. Do not orchestrate stuff and avoid using ornamental words to please the employees. They would understand your trick and consider it to be a phony gesture. Rather keep it short, simple and direct, appreciating all the employees.

Treat Your Employees Virtual Lunch

It is customary on Labor Day to treat your employees to lunch. It is an instance where you take your employees to lunch and the bill is on you. Moreover, with all your employees working remotely from the comfort of their homes, it will be difficult to organize lunch.  Therefore try and send gift cards containing lunch coupons to your employees. Whenever they go out to have lunch or order food from restaurants the coupon code can be used and the bill incurred. This can be considered a beautiful gesture of treating your employees well.

Labor Day

Allow an Early Weekend On Labor Day

Your employees work round the year to help your company grow, diversify and enhance its reputation. This is the objective for all small-scale and large-scale operating business firms. Thereby taking care of your employees is important. Thus to meet their demands and to keep them happy and satisfied a holiday was allotted. Since may 1st is a Monday this year, encourage your employees to take an extended leave from Friday’s second-half itself. Allow them an early leave on Friday. This would show that you are concerned about them and what their priorities in life are. Allowing an early weekend to your employees would ensure you care about the weekend plans that they made with their loved ones.

Allot Bonuses to the Employees 

Lastly, allotting bonuses to your employees is extremely crucial. Bonuses are incentives that are directly linked to the performance of your employees. On the occasion of Labour’s Day provide bonuses to your employees for the targets they have achieved and the accomplishments they have had over the years. The bonuses do not have to be huge monetary incentives. However, it cannot be a meager monetary increase as well. Keep a balance on the monetary amount or the non-monetary factor which you are providing as a bonus. On the occasion of Labour’s Day encourage the hard work and the dedication of your employees by repaying the faith that they have imposed on you for the larger part of last year.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, it is important to reward your employees adequately on this momentous occasion of Labour’s Day. The times may be difficult with the entire human race under intense economic pressure and distress of keeping afloat their lives. However, it is your employees whose support, dedication and determination to work and continue to contribute productively towards the organization would help you prosper and would ensure that you can overcome this adversity and emerge triumphantly. Therefore this Labour’s Day pledge to overcome hurdles and obstacles working together with your employees.

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