How Your Business Can Participate at Trade Shows

How Your Business Can Participate at Trade Shows

Trade shows are one of the most effective methods of exposing your business to new customers as well as to strengthen existing customer relationships. Not only are trade shows significant in promoting your brand as a business, but they are also a great avenue to network with new suppliers, competitors, and government agencies. However, regardless of the benefits that come with trade shows, most businesses are daunted at the prospect of participating in trade shows, especially for their first time. There is no need to worry, though.

This article outlines a few tips on how your business can participate in trade shows effectively.

Get the Trade Show Logistics Right

Regardless of how much you invest in the trade show, a little planning is essential. There are several logistics that you will need to organise and manage to make the most out of your exhibition. Such logistics include knowing your exhibition location before making a booking, establishing the amenities and facilities available at the trade show, and preparing your promotional materials. You will also need to develop a rota for your staff as a guide on who will be in charge of the exhibitions, and for which days. In case you are shipping your products for long distances, you will need to plan for transport, make visa arrangements, and book for hotels where necessary.

Check on Trade Shows Legal Issues

Before you set out for an exhibition at a trade show, you must ensure that you are not only conversant with all the legalities involved, but you also meet the legal requirements on trade show participation. Some of the critical legal issues include abiding by data protection and privacy regulations, the Consumer Rights Act, and health and safety standards. Your exhibition stand must also abide by the Accessibility Requirements as speculated in the Disability Discrimination Act. You can consult experts in events and exhibitions organising such as for more guidance.

Attendance Promotion

Exhibiting in a trade show will be a waste of time and money if nobody knows you will be participating in it. The best way to go about it is to send promotional emails or newsletters to your customers in advance. You can also create and post promotional content on social media. Promoting your attendance in advance is essential in letting people know where your stand will be and making appointments with potential buyers. You must also remember to remind your customers of your exhibition a few days to the trade show.

Stand Out from the Crowd

There will be hundreds of businesses and organisations attending the trade show. The measures you take to distinguish yourself from any other business will determine the return on investment you gain from the trade show. One of the ways to stand out from the crowd is to design a unique and interactive stand. Visitors want to have a taste of your products and services by virtue of interacting with the content at your display.

Run Product Demonstrations

The objective of an exhibition at trade shows is to create and increase your company’s brand awareness. You, therefore, want to create a more memorable exhibition booth that will keep customers talking about your business after the trade show. Product demonstrations are one of the most efficient means of creating memorable exhibitions. Display your products, and do not hesitate to issue out samples to visitors in your
booth. Preparing giveaways with your brand’s name on them and issuing discounts on the products in your booth will enhance your company’s visibility.

Keep Networking at Heart

Trade shows host numerous attendants from across various walks of life, including bloggers, government agencies, press, politicians, and business leaders. You must keep in mind that your exhibition is not just about selling but also networking. Take advantage of every opportunity that arises by interacting with people who visit your booth, including those that are non-buyers. Networking with these people elevates the chances of getting more business connections and exposure. You might want to have as many business cards as you can to issue out to your visitors. Ensure that you also maintain a friendly chat with the other exhibitors. If possible, attend an after-show party for the exhibitors, in case there is one. Sometimes businesses are best done during social times.

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