Importance of mentoring and advisory for businesses

Importance of mentoring and advisory for businesses


We all know how important it is to have a mentor or advisor in life. It is an intrinsic part of human nature to look for guidance, help and finding the right direction in life so that one can excel in whatever they do.

As important as it is to have a mentor in life for personal reasons outside of work, it is also essential to have a mentor or advisor for work or business-related matters. An advisor is always the need of the hour. They can help you with the right kind of support and guidance. 

It is crucial for every employee, employer, businessman to have a mentor who would advocate for their abilities. The mentor is very involved and takes an active interest in the professional life and success of their mentee. They also support different kinds of ambitions and interests in the professional field. 

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, an advisor or mentor also helps one bridge the gap between knowing something and actually doing it by sharing their own skills, experiences and knowledge that they have acquired through the years. 

A business mentor or advisor is one such person who helps individuals, businessmen in this case with assistance in certain skill areas, expertise or knowledge. Although the business person might have their fundamental technical skills in place, they might still need some guidance. The advisor’s main focus here is to help the entrepreneur or businessman in developing their career and business. 

Business advisory and mentoring help the mentee in taking the right decision and making sure it is high quality and helps them in being effective and displaying their effectiveness. They make sure that the mentee is provided with a space to think, decide and act in accordance with the situation. They also support the mentees to work through complex and crucial situations. 

A good mentor helps in making your ideas come to life and turn them into meaningful business propositions. Although to a lot of people it might seem like mentoring or advisory is a one-way street, that is, however, not true. It is a mutually beneficial activity and helps both the sides grow and learn something new. The way that a person benefits from the advisor by learning new things, an advisor also benefits by having new experiences with each person he advises.

The ways in which a business advisor can help you

  1. Setting a goal 

The first and foremost priority for an advisor is to help you set a goal and establish a proper vision regarding the business to be undertaken. 

2. Help in clearing your mind and thinking straight 

An advisor provides clarity regarding ideas and how to act upon them. It helps a businessman clear his mind and make a clear decision amongst the hundreds of thoughts and ideas in their head. 

3. Motivation 

They motivate you to work towards your goal and are there to provide the support that is needed and give the push as and when needed. 

4.Expanding your knowledge base 

An entrepreneur or businessman often lacks the right amount and kind of knowledge that may be required. It could also be a lack of knowledge regarding a certain aspect of business and how to go about it. This is where an advisor comes in use. They can provide you with the right kind of information and knowledge to go ahead with your plans and clear doubts. 

5. Execution

Advisors help you execute your business ideas. They help in making your ideas come to life and turn them into a profitable and successful business proposition. They help you turn your dreams into something that is tangible in reality, often also providing new ways of thinking and bringing in a fresh perspective. This also leads to building confidence. 

6. Training 

Advisors train you properly on how to run their entire business. This training happens through the means of following the entire procedure. By adhering to their suggestions and following the proper plan of action, preparing contingency protocols, handling their finances the right way, one automatically gets trained in the art of planning, executing and handling a business. 

7. Implementing Growth 

An advisor will help you learn as to how you can actually build your business and take it further. As your business starts growing you will face newer challenges and will need to learn to deal with those. At the onset of your business, the advisor will need to help you through the process establishment, employing staff, survival etc.  But after a few years when the business starts developing and doing well, the advisor will help you in the process of growth and expansion and help tackle certain challenges. 

8. Innovating and reinventing 

They help you in keeping your business going by suggesting different strategies and solutions. One very important thing in business to keep yourself afloat is to be relevant to the times and this happens only by innovating and reinventing. Advisors or mentors help you in the best way possible to do that by suggesting necessary changes, different modes of operating, mixing up certain skills and methodologies etc.

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