In Conversation with Fatema Kanchwala, Founder, Sugar Blushed

In Conversation with Fatema Kanchwala, Founder, Sugar Blushed

Sugar Blushed is a budding and rapidly growing home-based venture that has been receiving rounds of applause lately. Sugar Blushed was started by Fatema Kanchwala, a smart and dynamic young entrepreneur about a year ago. Since then, the business has picked up a solid pace, not just in Hyderabad, but also across India. 

Sugar Blushed is a cloud kitchen specialising in brownies. The fantastic journey that Mrs Kanchwala has embarked upon has been covered by some of the top newspapers and media publications of the city. Apart from being a successful businesswoman, Fatema also promotes good work for society. She recently ran a campaign initiative where she gave away free brownie boxes to plasma donors. The campaign received some very promising and positive responses.

The DBohra team recently interviewed the founder of Sugar Brownie, Mrs Fatema Kanchwala for a few words from the lady herself. We were greeted by a smiling and energy-filled Fatema who was very happy to respond to all the questions we had to ask her.

1. We would like to know a bit more about you and what made you start Sugar Blushed?

Fatema: I come from the world of literature. I have a Bachelor’s degree in literature. I am also a proud wife and a doting mom. Having been closely associated with the food industry for a long time, baking is something that always fascinated me. I began with little baking experiments and soon realised I have a great passion for it. With the positive validation and constant push from family & friends, I decided to commercialise this passion project. That’s when was born. I have been very fortunate to have been receiving a very positive response from Day-1. The entire menu revolves only around brownies as I want Sugar Blushed to become synonymous with brownies and put my heart and soul in this niche.

2. What are some of your best-selling desserts? 

Sugar Blushed gets most orders for Classic Fudge Brownie, Ferrero Rocher Brownie, Mississippi Mud Brownies and Brownie Slabs. Brownie slabs are the perfect alternative to cakes on any celebration and are thus the best selling items of all time. People really do seem to have a sweet tooth.

3. What does the future look like for Sugar Blushed?

Well, I don’t want to jinx it but I only recently completed one year and started pan India deliveries too. With the F&B space evolving at a rapid pace and niche offerings being in demand, the future only looks promising. The corporate and bulk orders have already started keeping me busy.

4. What makes Sugar Blushed different?

I carry the philosophy of “Box of Happiness” very close to my heart. If I were to define Sugar Blushed in a few words, those words would be a very apt fit. Be it for yourself or for your loved ones The Sugar Blushed box of happiness aims to bring an instant dose of happiness to your life. The mission of delivering happiness, one brownie box at a time has just begun and I have got a very long way to go. 

What makes them a little extra special is that being a cloud kitchen everything’s made to order with special care & love. When you interact with a business you’re not just buying a product, you’re buying a complete experience. I believe in providing a wholesome experience. That’s what makes the customers come back to us. 

5. How are you managing your business and other responsibilities?

I’ve been blessed by and surrounded by the best of the support system around me. Their support has helped me create a system/processes which help me focus on the priorities. That is how I have been able to manage a healthy work-life balance. I always stick to my shoot/marketing/procurement calendars and have realised that defining and following the processes in a business is very important, no matter the size of your business.

6. Any tips or advice to homepreneurs?

My advice would be to stick to your niche, don’t try and get carried away with other businesses success, it takes time. Once you find out what your niche is, be consistent. Show up every day and focus on delighting your customers/audience in the best way possible.

As we move towards a new era with every passing day, we keep empowering our women in the society more and more. Fatema is just one of the many success stories which describes how a little support and a little push in the right direction can make wonders. DBohra will bring you more such inspirational stories.

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