Proven Ways to Reach Out to Your Customers Online

Proven Ways to Reach Out to Your Customers Online

Proven Ways to Reach Out to Customers Online

Ushering in the 21st century has brought along with it, the digital revolution. As we transcend slowly into the post-modern world, the internet is taking over lives rapidly. Along with the growth of the internet era businesses and businessmen are moving over to the cloud, with hopes of finding proven ways to reach out to customers online. They do this in the hope that people may come over for products, goods and services. Customers too want to reach shopkeepers, service providers and merchants from the comfort of the chair.

This two-way requirement works well for both business owners and customers alike. However, a smart businessman must understand that to be able to stand out from the cut-throat competition, he must be able to reach and communicate with a much larger audience than ever before. Here are a few proven ways that bring more reach and subsequently more customers to the entrepreneur’s door”

  • Social Media Reachout
    With over 50% of the world’s population having access to the internet, social media space has boomed up. With multiple platforms, each with a unique proposition, businessmen can choose whatever platform(s) they want to market their offering. Also, being over the internet, a business can reach people sitting even thousands of kilometres away with a single click; in real-time! Merely creating a page and regularly posting from the page and responding to people’s engagement brings in leads and potential customers. Businesses have been benefitting from the power of social media tremendously.
  • Mailers & Newsletters
    Another way to keep the audience engaged with the business is to send flyers, mailers, newsletters to people. With minimal effort, businessmen can reach literally thousands of people every single day. The key here is to build a mailer list and keep updating and maintaining it. Asking people to subscribe to mailers gives companies the chance to send promotional communication the very moment it is launched. This way, the customer too doesn’t miss out on the best offers.
  • Blogs & Content Marketing
    Another important change that the internet has brought about is by changing people’s reading habits. People still like to read and they do so on the internet as well – through news publications and blogs. People read blogs to understand what is happening around them, to find out if any new events have taken place etc. This reading habit can be exploited to influence the purchase decisions customers make. Having a witty blog with a nice design with regular posts brings interested customers. Another advantage businesses get is that they can stay relevant in their existing customers’ minds. The most important part being, having a blog doesn’t even burn a hole in the purse.
  • Showcase Your Points Parity & Difference
    Two very important concepts a smart businessman always knows is parity and difference. A good businessman knows which points of his product are as good as the competition and which parts set his product/service apart. Once these points are defined and evaluated, businessmen can then focus on showing how their offering is better than the competition. Doing this doesn’t require anything new. Using the existing social media platforms, blogs, or even the business’ website offers excellent reach.
  • Get Business Accounts on Messenger Platforms
    Messenger platforms such as GTalk and Yahoo! Messengers may be outdated and no one uses them now. However, other platforms have taken their place. Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger etc. allow for automation of messages through bots. Businessmen can leverage this facility provided by large companies of the world to talk to customers at any time and from anywhere. One doesn’t even have to be awake at all times to be able to reach customers anymore. Whatsapp marketing has been proven to bring in customers time and again.
  • Personalised Messages
  • Sending emails is still a relevant mode of communication for businesses. Small, medium and large, all companies communicate and interact with their customers via email. However, personalisation is something most don’t do. A personalised message for choices and customers, filled with dedicated offers and propositions garners more attention than a cold promotional email. This concept is also applicable to messengers. Several studies have showcased that customers tend to respond positively when a specialised offer is made for them.
  • Sponsoring Content Creators
    Some consider this just another way of marketing; this method of promotion has become common over the last few years. Since people don’t like to watch ads online, brands have shifted their focus to place their product/service in the middle of a video. Collaborating with influencers gets a brand to reach thousands, sometimes even millions of people in a go.

In a Nutshell

Intelligent and wise choices keep a business not only floating but also moving forward with great speed. The best way to grow a business is to acquire more customers; to acquire more customers, a business has to be able to reach a wide audience. This can be done effectively in the 21st century by utilising the power of the internet. The future of trade lies in the online world.

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