Top Trending product marketing tools for startups

Top Trending product marketing tools for startups

A startup should be acclimatized with the leading technological innovations in business. Therefore some trending product marketing tools for startups are available to help them in this endeavor. Startups offer employees the freedom to operate independently. However, technology plays a leading role in startups. 

Trending Product marketing tools for startups

There are several trending product marketing tools available for startups. They can be categorized based on the different marketing functions performed by the business. Following are the primary marketing functions and the associated product marketing tools available with the startups– 

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the primary marketing functions of a business. Through this function, the business communicates by sending emails of product catalogs and product descriptions. The companies identify loyal customers and communicate with them regularly through email alerts. The following trending product marketing tools of email marketing are used for startups

Mail Chimp

trending product marketing tools

This is one of the foremost tools of email marketing. Automated emails are sent to designated customers. The customers are identified based on purchase and consumption decisions. This trending product marketing tool analyzes conversions and clicks by the consumers on different websites. One of the biggest drawbacks of this tool is the lack of data visualization techniques. Optimization of search results is a bit difficult. 


This trending product marketing tool is used for generating easy journeys of emails. Complications associated with email journeys can be avoided. No effort is necessary for developing a journey for the email. Moreover, the effort required in establishing the email campaign is also low. This application is slightly cost-ineffective. Price-wise, it is slightly on the higher side. But it guarantees better revenue generation options for the businesses using this trending product marketing tool


Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. A list comprising prospective business leads is prepared. A template email Is prepared and is sent to all the people on the list. This can be done through Salesforce. This trending product marketing tool is a bit complicated to use. Much effort is necessary for categorizing the emails and arranging them sequentially. 

Data Analysis

Data Analysis is one of the principal aspects of business startups. Data Storage and Maintenance are necessary for taking conscious business decisions. Therefore analyzing data and organizing them efficiently is an important function. There are a few trending product marketing tools for startups that facilitate data analysis. Following are some of these trending product marketing tools for startups


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One of the most efficient data analysis tools. Keeps a track of funnel and click activities. Helps in business retention by analysis and publishing of data. It also helps in portraying a true picture of the business scenario. It is used as one of the trending product marketing tools for startups

Google Analytics and Adwords

One of the primary product marketing tools for startups. It is extensively utilized in creating advertisement campaigns. Analyzes the goals and objectives of a business enterprise through analysis of existing data. Helps generate web traffic and other functions like allocation of optimized web content. Google Analytics incorporates the functions of Google Adwords as well. Thus the synthesis helps in creating economically and financially viable advertisement campaigns and activities.

Crazy Egg

Another trending product marketing tool for startup businesses. Crazy Egg is primarily used for generating heat signatures and scroll locations. After deriving the aforementioned information, the user interface can be improved. Moreover, it can be determined what is to be shown to the consumers at various intervals. A free 30-day trial version is available with Crazy Egg. After the completion of the trial, the user can determine whether to continue with the final purchase. 

Online Web Interaction Sessions

With online communication being preferred over physical interaction, many trending product marketing tools for startups have developed facilitating the growth of online interaction. Following are some of the web interaction sessions tools used by startups-

Google Hangouts

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The easiest to use and trustworthy tool to organize a webinar session. This trending product marketing tool adjusts according to the internet bandwidth. Suppose the internet connection is disruptive then the video resolution would be reduced automatically and vice versa. However, in Google Hangouts, there is no option for data backup. For example- you are conducting a chat session. Once the session is over, no data of the participants will be available to you. Therefore this is one drawback that this trending product marketing tool suffers from. However, as a proxy for this function, you can ask the attendees to respond to the chat option, before the session is added.


One of the primary trending product marketing tools used in online interactive sessions. Multiple people can join the video meeting sessions on WebEx. Moreover, it provides premium quality customer support. However, purchasing the software is difficult. It involves a significant amount of expenditure. 


Thus the aforementioned trending product marketing tools are used by businesses to orient the needs of the consumers. Adopting newer technology involves taking on new challenges. With the help of the aforementioned business tools, these challenges can be overcome without much difficulty. 

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

Why is Google Analytics is trending product marketing tool?

Google Analytics not only analyzes data structures and presents information. It also generates key advertisement campaigns for products and services using Google Adwords. Therefore it is considered one of the most important product marketing tools. 

What is the primary usage of Web Interaction session applications like WebEx?

Applications like WebEx facilitate online communication allowing many consumers to join in on a single platform. It provides necessary customer support. 

What drawback does Google Hangout have?

There is no option for data storage in Google Hangouts. Therefore after the session ends, you cannot see information related to the participants. 

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