6 steps to building a successful eCommerce business

6 steps to building a successful eCommerce business


Are you considering having a well designed website and planning out its layout before you get your business cards printed? In this age of social media, you’re not wrong at all! Here are a few steps you can take into account if you’re starting out with your online business.

1. First sort out the groundwork for your website & business

You can begin by creating and purchasing a domain name. Next step is to find a robust hosting partner for your website. When working on your ecommerce website, be thorough with all the legal work and preparations that you need to know to save yourself from trouble in the future. Gather all the necessary legal documents as required.

2. Look for third-party eCommerce site hosting partners

If you’re on a tight budget or setting out for the first time, you will be happy to know that there are platforms that can help you set up your shop in no time. It is not very hard to find good features that are needed for your business that maybe on a low budget, such as shopify, bigcommerce and woocommerce, to name a few.

3. Plan a big launch on social media

Fire up your brand with a big launch on social media beforehand, so that the launch day already has visitors on your website and that gives you a bumper start. Even after the launch, social media will be a great platform to showcase user generated content and build trust amongst your consumers.

4. Work on your USP

With numerous ecommerce websites flocking the internet, you need to work on your unique selling proposition. You could either be selling a unique product or have a unique service provided to lure your customers. It can be free shipping, handmade products etc. anything that will help you create your own niche in the market.

5. Focus on data-driven selling

With your business running on its website, you will be exposed to a number of metrics in the background like number of clicks on a particular product, website visitors, etc. You can make use of this data for targeted marketing to your customers.

6. Register on an online business directory

You can increase your online presence by registering on an online business directory. There are quite a few business directories meant for specific regions, countries, business sectors as well as communities. These directories are accessed by people as a go-to solution for their daily needs. One such directory is dbohra.com and it has various categories of businesses registered on it. You can register in a category specific to your business or create a new one for yourself too.

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