5 Tips for Managing Small Business Finances

5 Tips for Managing Small Business Finances


Be it a small business or a large scale business, every business is concerned about managing its finances and keeping a check on the cash flow. Proper financial management is required for determining your profit, the basic cost of your product/ service etc. a robust financial structure should help you keep your business in good shape.

Here we are introducing few pointers you can keep in mind while you are figuring out financial management of your business:

1. Learn to read Financial Statements

From various aspects of business finances, learning to read financial statements is very important, as it tells you where your money originated from, where it’s going. A financial statement consists of important details like cash flow statements, income statement, balance sheet and statement of shareholders equity.

2. Separate Personal and Business Finances

Keep all your business-related finances separate from your personal finances. Have a different bank account for all your business related transactions. This will help you understand the exact input and output from your venture.

3. Cut down on Variable Cost

All the businesses endure two type of costs, one is fixed cost and the other is variable. The fixed costs are incurred irrespective of you making a business or not. It is the variable cost that can be controlled.

For example, you can find a free cloud-based software rather than purchase a branded version.

4. Monitor and Measure Performances

It is crucial to keep a tab of your performance and your money as a large sum of money is involved in your business. Keep observing and comparing your present performance with the one in past to project future cash flow, revenue, and expenses.

5. Invest in cloud-based Accounting Software

The option of getting a regular accounting software is always there but a cloud-based software is a lot more convenient to use. A web-based software will allow you to see updates in real-time, has lesser chances of errors, and the best part is you can access it from anywhere at any time.

Follow the link to for a cloud-based accounting software: https://bit.ly/2KfWk9l

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