The Kusni Purely Bohri Farida Kagalwala Insiyah Salman Vichchiyawala

The Kusni Purely Bohri Farida Kagalwala Insiyah Salman Vichchiyawala

The Kusni Purely Bohri

Farida Kagalwala 

Insiyah Salman Vichchiyawala


In the vibrant tapestry of culinary traditions within the Dawoodi Bohra Community of South India, one name stands out – The Kusni, a culinary venture rooted in the heart of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. For Bohra cuisine enthusiasts, satisfying their cravings can be quite a challenge, as authentic options are often scarce. However, in recent times, a new wave of culinary entrepreneurs, both women and men, have taken up the mantle, bringing the unique flavours of Bohra cuisine to the forefront. Among them, The Kusni – Purely Bohri, holds a special place in the hearts of those who have discovered it.

The origin of this delightful venture can be traced to a time when lockdowns and ample spare hours presented Farida Kagalwala with a puzzle – how to navigate these challenging times. Her husband, Hussain, lit the spark by talking about the delicious masala wala aloo and channa bateta, a Bohra staple that his father used to prepare. With that cherished memory, a culinary journey began.

Farida started her venture with simple dreams, taking in a handful of orders. Little did she know that the tidal wave of enthusiasm would soon follow as word spread about her mouthwatering Bohra snacks. Gradually, encouraged by her growth, Farida expanded her menu to include a variety of dishes, from dal and keema samosas to the irresistible Chicken 65. As Ramadan approached, the demand for iftar treats rose, marking a turning point in their journey.

With this surge in popularity, the brand found its identity – “The Kusni – Purely Bohri.” Farida’s sister-in-law, Insiyyah Salman Vichiyawala, joined the venture, strengthening the team’s resolve to create culinary delights that resonated with their community and beyond.

From humble beginnings, The Kusni soon evolved, transitioning from snacks to full-course meals tailored for groups. They ventured into weekly lunch subscriptions, an endeavour that saw promising uptake, marking a noteworthy start for this culinary venture.

Fast forward to today, and The Kusni is dispatching 15 delectable lunch packs to various locations across Coimbatore. The team, consisting of Farida, Insiya, and Hussain, embodies the spirit of dedication and teamwork. Hussain oversees marketing, while Insiya and Farida curate menus, whip up delightful dishes, handle packaging, and ensure seamless delivery.

It’s going to be four fortune years of their cloud kitchen reaching people for the different delicacies we are making. Other than Bohra dishes, their snacks and Chaat Corner are always in demand. Unlike other restaurants, they believe in ready-to-serve Chaat, wherein every item, even the garnish ingredients, is packed separately. Just have to plate the ingredients one by one and serve. 

“We are soon coming up with a commercial kitchen and hoping that we reach the nearby towns and let the whole south of India rejoice in Bohri cuisine”, adds Farida.

In the story of The Kusni – Purely Bohri, we witness the remarkable impact that women entrepreneurs can have when they uplift each other and their communities. 

It’s a testament to the power of solidarity and shared ambition. These entrepreneurs exemplify leadership through entrepreneurship, serving as beacons of inspiration and unwavering determination. They are the real Wonder Women, the heroes of our modern era.

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