Zainab Khuzema Raja The Art Gallery, Ruqaiyah Bakes

Zainab Khuzema Raja The Art Gallery, Ruqaiyah Bakes

Zainab Khuzema Raja

The Art Gallery, Ruqaiyah Bakes


In the world of women entrepreneurs, there’s a saying that rings undeniably true: “You are never too young to start a business, and never too old to chase a dream.” 

These words resonate deeply with Zainab Khuzema Raja, a graduate in Bsc Psychology, whose entrepreneurial journey has been a testament to her wisdom.

Zainab, a woman brimming with ambition and boundless creativity, possessed an unyielding drive to take risks in pursuit of her passions. Her journey, which began with marriage and the responsibility of raising two adolescents, is a compelling narrative of resilience and determination.

The turning point in her entrepreneurial journey was her participation in the Kunuz program in Mumbai in 2016. It was here that her brainchild, the DIY CLAY brand, was invited to attend the “iqtebasaat” program. Little did she know that this opportunity would rekindle the long-forgotten flames of her capabilities, dormant amidst the demands of motherhood and homemaking.

Surprisingly, Zainab discovered that she could gracefully balance her work and family life, dispelling the concerns of her loved ones, who initially doubted her ability to do so. The years that followed were marked by the typical ebbs and flows, trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship. Yet, her unwavering dedication to her business remained unaltered.

The same family that once harboured doubts about her pursuit now proudly watches her soar. With the blessings of Panjatan Pak AS, the power of prayer, and the benevolent guidance of Aali Qadr Moula TUS, Zainab now stands as the proud owner of three thriving business brands. Her 700-square-foot studio space serves as a humble sanctuary for her creativity. Her products have found a home on “Maheela,” a prominent e-commerce platform, and she has imparted her knowledge to over a hundred eager students who’ve embarked on their entrepreneurial journeys.

But perhaps the most heartwarming transformation has been within her family, who now eagerly await her return home. Zainab, in gratitude to Allah Almighty, sees herself as a beacon of inspiration for countless women like her. Her story exemplifies that with determination, faith, and unwavering dedication, women can turn their dreams into reality, regardless of their age or life circumstances.

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